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What the ruling cabal in the North feared most has just happened.British Intelligence are advisers to this cabal,and they have their Agents recruited from groveller s in the system.We know that much.Nigerian man go say “Na today?”.No be today o.
In the years leading to flag independence in 1960 and immediately after the so called independence,British Intelligence was monitoring Awo and Zik to look for dirt to smear them with. All efforts were made to keep these two apart so that they may never agree to team up against the North. Did the British succeed ?Of course,they did to a large extent. The Igbo on their own part did not help matters because of their psyche.Loud and self confident,seen as arrogance by other Nigerians;the seed for deep seated hatred of the ethnic group was planted.
When the far North and parts of the Middle Belt became killing Fields with Igbos as victims no Yorubas were touched. The anger and hatred against the Igbo was at its apogee. Men and women,boys and girls were murdered in waves beginning May 29, to July 29,September and October 1966.
More of the slaughter was to continue during the war and after. The subjugation of the Igbo was complete,so the masterminds of the
Evil agenda thought ,until other Nigerians started seeing the true meaning of the African proverb that says:the cane that was used in flogging the old wife is safely kept in the loft for use against the new wife.”
When other Nigerians from the South West,South South and and the Middle Belt now saw the fangs of the aggressor bared and set to consume them,they recoiled and remembered our African proverb mentioned earlier.
All manner of people were thrown up from the South to start making noise over who gets the Presidency come 2023.No talk about creating employment,building infrastructure and taking care of the needy and helpless. Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world courtesy of the core North of Nigeria. Out of school children were in their millions roaming about with bowls in hand begging for food while their elites were having a field day cornering all the resources of Nigeria and displaying same with impunity not knowing that the day of reckoning was just around the corner.
Like a bang,the #EndSars protests arrived and Nigeria changed forever.Youths from mainly the South and the Middle Belt without regard to ethnicity and religion came together to protest injustice in Nigeria. I hail them. What country treats its citizens with disdain like Nigeria. The protests spread like wild fire and the government panicked .
In the usual manner all kinds of characters were recruited to scuttle the genuine enterprise of our chil dren.Oh it is an Agenda to drive Buhari and the North away from the seat of power. Oh,it is the Ibos and Nnamdi Kanu sponsored.
All kinds of misinformation were making the rounds but the youths did not budge
Then came one Adeyinka Grandson,a Yoruba. He gave the Igbo,48 hours to leave Yorubaland else they would be massacred like what happened in the Sixties. His fellow Yorubas attacked him more than the Igbos. It was a day God ordained for a major twist in the fortunes for a better Nigeria.I salute all the patriots who stood their grounds to warn against any attack on the Igbos .The Agenda of all those who have held Nigeria down was broken finally as a result of the protests.
The message is now clear.#Restructure Nigeria or No Nigeria. The days ahead will be very interesting .How come no one is talking about 2023 elections. Something might give sooner than later.
Salute to all those fighting to make Nigeria a better place for my grand children.

Aig(rtd) Donald Onyinye Iroham,NPM,mni

Writes from Lagos.

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