Wike and some Igbo Elders

Last week, Igbo Leaders in their numbers visited Rivers State to calm Wike down to stop killing Innocent Igbos in Obigbo, Rivers State.As at today, over 120 persons have been killed or missing.Details are still being awaited.
Wike placed a bounty of N50 miilion on Nnamdi Kanus head. In response as a true son of Igbo land, Nnamdi placed a bounty of N100 million on Wike! 
In order to show that he was offended Wike decided to order the killing and genocide in Obigbo, in his Rivers State.koo
During the Elders meeting with him, He quipped that ” Nigeria cannot stand without Igbos “and asked the elders “not to let ” a criminal rule them” So Wike is now in a position to talk down on Igbo Elders! He missed the mark! 

I respect, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and other elders who had to add their voice to calm the Strong Man of the Day in Rivers!I salute all of them, with No Thanks to the Igbo Governors, I think it is infra-digue for our Governors to go to beg Wike.It was  just too un-Igbo, because Police are still picking up Igbo Youths and wasting them! Let me use this true life story of my experience as an 11 years old boy  to bring out some points.
By April 1996, My father, Papa, had brought most of his belongings from the then Midwest, where we lived because of the tension created by the massacres and genocide against Ndigbo in the North, especially Kaduna and Kano cities.
My school BSC Orlu, had not closed, but I took an Exeat to visit home for 1 week to meet with Papa.There was a burial of one of the big chiefs , Onye Nze na Ozor in a neighbouring village of  Umuihenyie, my Father’s maternal home.
We had an uncle whom I will refer to as Nze Ugodike. Ugodike never wanted Papa to farm, always quarreling, fighting dragging land with Papa. We all thought he was one  wicked man who wanted to take what belonged to us.
During this burial as Usual I accompanied Papa to carry his walking stick or his Remington Double Barrel Gun.Papa was leading our village, Uhualla to the funeral..it was a very big occasion.When it was time for our village led by Papa to present his condense materials to the bereaved family. There was a huge crowd from my village, we came with two cows( Ehi), food, drinks, four goats, yams Kolanuts, and assorted hot drinks including several gallons of Palm and Raffia palm wine.The whole place went agog.
Suddenly a man from a neighboring village Umuezike,  came out and started challenging Papa, that it was his turn to go for condolense. We were all shocked pleasantly when Ugodike, handed his own gun to one of my junior Uncles, Samson to hold while he addressed  Nze Anuezu.
Ugodike went straight pulled  Anuezu, to our side of the gathering and opened up on him. He said to Nze Anuezu, “we know that you are a strong man but when it comes to our sons who just came back from running for their lives from Nigeria….When it comes to this one in particular pointing at Papa, I want to give you three commandments you most obey from today:If any headache comes upon him or any member of his family, I and Uhuala will hold you responsible; If any of of his wives spot you near where they are taking their bath in the farm, I shall hold you to account, because you have shown whom you are from today, if any of their belongings gets missing within this town of Obibi, I and Uhualla will hold you responsible.”Chief Anuezu simply walked away quietely, and we did what we came for with Ugodike leading the movement followed by Papa and all others. We got home at about 8 pm.
The next morning as early as 5 am, Papa gave me one big Cock, A bottle of Whiskey, and one wrapper to take to Ugodike and wait for him. 
When I got there, Ugodike was already seated before his Ancient Altar, dressing it up for the morning ritual/ worship. I greeted, he responded by waving me to pick a stool and sit next to him, which I did and kept the items in my front. Then Papa cleared his throat from Ugodikes back, he just stood up went inside his parlor and brought out a good modern chair for Papa, but papa insisted on a stool, and I had to get one for him and took the modern chair back into Ugodikes parlor. Papa came with his gun which I gladly took from him.
Ugodike dressed job the place, offered prayers broke the Kola nut and presented, Papa took and they took a tort each of the Schnaps drink and Papa started to thank Ugodike for standing by him yesternight.
Ugodike thanked Papa, showered praises on Papa for being a man. Then he said the following which stuck in my mind,that:It is only a fool that is shown his own Brother;It is also a fool that uses his brother to shine in the public or in the presence of visitors and then he  dropped this bomb;”Okorie, after the show before visitors, our quarrels and bickering remains and must continue!”
Papa stood up, shrugged his shoulders, took his gun released two shots into the air. They both shook hands and we left.
When we got home, Papa instructed me to always honor and respect Ugodike. I followed that  to the letter.
Lessons from this real life story include,First, it is unwise for relations to wash their dirty clothes in the public. A wise man never shines with on top of his brother. But Wike not only disgraced Igbos he shined on top of their blood and and national image. Even if we are not his relations, he did evil, and he insulted the sensibilities of Igbos by alluding to appointing an Igbo Man into his cabinet, that’s gutter talk!
In Igbo land we say that we are not offended by the man that brought us down in a wrestling contest, the person we hate is the one that was urging him to stuff sand into our mouth. Wike stuffed sand into the mouth of Ndigbo in Obigbo and our Elders. We are offended.
Second, You don’t tell a wise knowledgeable man,  who  his brother is, except he decieves him self and only fools decieve them selves.
 Wike has vowed several times that he is not an Igbo Man. Fine, and very good, because we do not need his kind of Man in Igbo land.We don’t need snakes that must swallow others in other to grow. We don’t need men who prove their strength by hitting on the vulnerable in Igbo land.Men who drink Champagne in over the tears of mothers and widows. 
We do not need politicians who do not value the life of the people who voted them into power. 
It is only highly occultic and satanic men who shed the blood of others for power. We see that in Nollywood movies.
We do not need any Fulani Slave in Igbo land, as bitter as that may be to the slaves.We there fore accept from hence forth that he is a rejected Igbo Man. He chose that course for himself.
Most importantly, Wike still has his bounty on Nnamdi Kanu, and let no one be fooled , Nnamdi must be more careful now, for Wikes wickedness in Obigbo has brought out many Igbos who spoke up that Wike is their friend, they like what he did to IPOB, and all that garbage! The important thing to these kind of Biafra agitators is that since they cannot kill their own brothers directly, they laud and admire non- Igbos who do the killing for their own selfish narrow, parochial, pedestrian purposes. They just continuously mess themselves up on social media.I don’t see the difference between such men and armed Bokoharamites. Tufiakwa!
In any case,  I read Wike as saying” my quarreling and bickering remains for as long as Nnamdi Kanu remains”. 
Who is a Non- Igbo Man like Wike,  to dictate to Igbos who should rule them?How presumptuous! A Fulani Slave to tell Ndigbo who should rule them. The ICC will tell who is the criminal here at the appropriate time.
.It was Wike that fired the First Salvo, and flowed up with killing at Obigbo.Wike is telling the world is that it is alright to kill a father, mother, uncle, auntie, children and grandchildren of any man who offended the other or threatened his life. People killed in Obigbo are not relations of Nnamdi Kanu, so it was pure genocide which must never go unpunished at the ICC.
It has been said that Wike got into all these frenzy, because he has been promised the VeePee Slot by APC!  What kind of VeePee will have to kill Ndigbo in order to rule? Are Igbos supposed to part of that Nigeria? 
This is why The Governors of Igbo land lost me completely. The Governors who went did not consider it necessary to visit Obigbo and get facts for themselves. It’s not important to them!

May Igbos never be part of that Nigeria where their life does not matter! May that Nigeria where Igbo Youths must be killed to keep it as One Nation scatter to irreparable pieces in Jesus Name! May the Heavens reject that Nigeria that must be galvanised with Igbo blood, never again!
The Igbo Elders went to him, he typically lied to them, while the police under his instructions are still searching out, picking up Igbo Youths around Obigbo and killing them even as they were with Wike.Elders have gone to take fancy pictures for the world, to be decieved, while in fact and on ground, Wikes quarrels and bickering against Igbos remains and continues.
Clement Udegbe Esq.