Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan said on Friday Nigeria’s unity was questionable.

Jonathan, who stated this at a command performance by the Commonwealth Community Choir at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, said Nigerian youths prefer to identify with regional affiliations than a national body.

The ex-president said: “I was discussing with somebody, and I said ‘look, in Nigeria, the youths appear not to even have a national youth body, because in most cases, the regional youth bodies are stronger than the national youth body.

“Ordinarily, the national youth body is supposed to be stronger than the regional youth body. If you go to my state, Bayelsa, for example, if I am a national member of the Nigerian Youth Council, the IYC, Ijaw Youth Council, feels that they are your boss.

“If you go to the South-West and to the North, the Arewa Youth Group, they feel they are superior to the national youth body.

“If you go to the South-West, the same thing. If you go to the South-East, the same thing. That shows clearly that as a nation, we are in trouble. The unity of Nigeria is questionable.