Governors Umahi, Uzodinma,Ikpeazu, Obianor and Ugwuanyi

An Igbo Man Chidi, went out side into the city, made some money and returned to his village to help his kinsmen. They connived to poison him to kill him.
Some arrange to kidnap him, others planned to steal and destroy the business he was trying to bring to Igbo land.

Yet we ask, why are our people not investing in their home States? They cannot because of wickedness in the land!
Many if his brethren are jealous, which transforms to hatred.
Chidis response, was to pay police to protect him.He made his own Security arrangement .

It is the same spirit that is leading the present 5 Governors of Igbo land. I call them the ” Dirty Five” .

IPOB Eastern Security Network.

Just within 5 weeks of ESN, Abia Governor launched a security network that he could not do since over One Year of Amotekun.
He just woke up followed by Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, the first official victim state of Miyetti Allah killings in Ukpabi Nimbo! He also just woke up in 2014.
I will be pleasantly surprised if others don’t follow this disgraceful and shameful precedent. Obianor should stand out to keep APGA in Anambra. The PDP would have been a threat to APGA in Anambra, but the hand of PDP now is soiled with the blood of Igbo Youths killed by Awkuzu SARS and more!

Igbo Youths led by MNK like the young man Chidi, in this story have decided to find their own Security. Period!

The Dirty 5, are making a big mistake over this matter, because it is now beyond them for the flowing reasons:

First, they are politicians, voted into office through the instrumentalist of these Youths they want killed…They shall subsequently leave their elected offices while Igbo Youths will remain.
If any will create their sudden death it is this same youths.They will face hell on earth if any ESN is hurt in their States. Just imagine one Ogbunigwe in a Governors convoy or family home… God forbid!

Second, they have again been decieved by their Fulani Masters. Each Igbo State will end up with its own Security Network in order to break up the chances of any United Front against the Cabal in Igbo land.
The governors reacted to the situation, betraying their lack of composite holistic plan for Igbo land.
They are so divided that their fall is only a matter of time as Theodore Orji and Rochas Okorocha have questions to answer and the possibility of their prosecution is very much alive. This is a fact the present Governors are forgetting and it will haunt them later.

Third, ESN by its nature has a more Regional coverage than their small units. In terms of Numbers, they can never match ESN, neither can they match ESN in terms of weapons and military Arsenal.
Nigeria will never allow them to acquire certain materials that ESN is presently assembling in Igbo land.
Asking Igbo Youths to be part of killing others is sowing a seed of hatred, that will escalate and may consume the founders, namely the Governors.

It’s is only a wicked father, a very bad father that encourages his children to kill each other. Such a man will surely end up without a child to inherit him. People will point to his gate and say” that is the way to those who eat themselves”
Igbo incumbent governors are like fathers who encourage their children to eat themselves. The future of such a father cannot and will never stand in peace. I draw my view on this from the biblical history of the Middle East.
All of them are children of Abraham but a family game or squabble between Isaac and Esau is the root cause of the lack of peace over there today.
Is this what these governors want for Igbo land. It shall not stand, for they shall be flushed away quickly if they continue.

Fourth, any governor who uses public funds to orchestrate the killing of his people shall be held accountable at the end of his tenure.
You cannot use public funds to fight Ndigbo under whatever guise and hope to get away with it..You wont!

Has any of the 5 Governors considered what will become of them after 2023, when APC scatters? Those of them in APC ought to know that APC can never win at the Federal Level come 2023. Rigging will not happen again.. As we are all learning from America what they did in 2015 and 2019. If the constitution is not ammended completely, the Electoral Act will be amended.

Fifth, An INEC chairman can not come from the same ethnic area or region with the President for the 2023 elections.
What will Umahi do to displace Tinubu and or Wike? Sacrifice Igbo youths?
It shall be at the grave risk of his Life and that of his family. I don’t think it is worth it.
All their postulations for 2023 will stand and fall with APC in Aso Rock.

In this light, it should be said that Wike of Rivers will never enjoy his labour for the killings he ordered and still ordering the shipping of Igbo population to the north for execution or whatever.
Any Igbo Governor or leader that is involved directly or indirectly in the Fulani Depopulation of the Igbo Youth program, shall surely regret it. I wish to remind them of a saying in Igbo land that ” If a man bites my buttocks without minding the smell of that area of my body, when I will bite him on his head, I will not mind his hairs”
This is to say that, If the Governor can afford to kill Igbo Youths without minding the pain that will be inflicted on their parents, the Youths will not mind the trouble to inflict harsher punishments on his children and family.

A word should be enough for the wise. Igbos also say” atuoro omara, omara, ma na atuoro ofeke, ofenye isi ya na ohia. This means that a wise counsel to a wise person saves him, but the same counsel to the simple causes him to jump into trouble!

This Fulani Leadership of Nigeria is a sinking sand for any Igbo Man. We have information that Ohaneze Ndigbo takes instructions from Miyetti Allah .
Who does not know that Miyetti Allah is a terrorist organization, that has masterminded the killing of 40,000 persons since 2015?

ESN would never have been necessary if Miyetti Allah had not unleashed their armed killer herdsmen upon Igbo land.
Now that ESN is on ground, relative calm has returned to farming communities in Igbo land.
This means that the Governors really wished Igbo farms devastated.

It also shows how shallow, selfish, serville Ohaneze has become under Nnia Nwodo. We have tacit information that Miyetti Allah has recommended Ambassador George Obiozor to take over from Nwodo, at the expiration of his term.
I urge His Excellency Obiozor to decline this cursed offer, so that his high reputation among Ndigbo will not be rubbished. I beg him.

On the quest of Fulanis in Igbo land , let me share an experience during the Biafran War.
We had returned from Midwestern Nigeria and Papa went into farming full scale. An Uncle Okorie, visited him one morning after the harvest of Yams. It was about 8 am in the morning and myself and Papa were busy in the yam barn. Okorie decided to join us there and as soon as he came in, I greeted him, Papa cleared his throat in our agreed manner so I left them but tagged behind the barn door just to eavesdrop on them. Okorie stated counting a particular specie of Yam Papa brought from Midwest called ji-ogboko.
Papa protested and ordered them both to the palor, to offer Okorie morning Kola.

I went in and brought out the jar of Mmanya Nkwu with two glasses. After the usual Kola breaking prayers, Papa showed the Kola, towards heaven and asked ” A man who left his house to count a neighbor’s yams, is he counting the yams so that if they are not many tubers he would add from his own barn, or so that if there are many tubers he would take some away? Okorie with out a single word of response, gulped the drink in his cup, and motioned me for a refill after which I left them.

My question to Fulanis,is this, are you in Igbo land to reduce the population of Igbos because they are too many or to supply Almajirins in case they are not many or what?

A child who says his father will not sleep shall also remain awake himself. Igbos are the Seniors to Fulanis in Nigeria. Igbos own their own land, while Fulanis are foreigners in essence. They came from Fouta jallon in Senegal. Igbos are greater in demographic numbers than Fulanis. In a straight battle between Igbos and Fulanis without interference from Britain, Igbos will over run Fulanis in a matter of months!

So what hell is in the head of a Fulani Man, that makes him think he can rule over the Igbo race? If not arrant madness nothing else can plant such folly in the heart of any man in Africa!

This battle that they want, when they get it ,Biafra will fight it till Fulanis are chased out of the territory called Nigeria today.
That plan Gideon Okar made , Biafra will bring it to pass if they refuse to let ESN be! Fulanis cannot hold Bandits, and Bokoharam on both hands and survive it.

May 2021 trouble all troublers of Biafra. May evil which they plan for Biafra consume them.
May the Fulani cow be an accursed thing in West Africa, and May Ndigbo Rule over Fulanis in My life Time.May their children beg bread from our many generations unborn.
Happy New Year to all lovers of Ndigbo.