Since the 1960 independence of Nigeria, the big questions of equity, fairness, and justice mingled with politics of ego, greed, competition in power play, among federating tribal units have continued to demand for answers. All nations of the world have their peculiar challenges, issues and difficulties, but that of Nigeria is both external and self inflicted making it difficult to forge a sustaining nation state, where the common good of majority is achieved.The several  military interventions seem to have created or left  more complex problems than they met or intended to solve due to bad and often deliberate policies of group self preservation, schewed in favor of either a class, a stratum of society or a tribe thereby negating  the original professed intent of the interventionists.

In each military intervention or Coup, the Igbos were either cheated, deliberately schemed out, or intentionally  forgotten in the scheme of things within the key sectors of Government by the Nigerian State. The result is that the Igbos though a major political and economic player in the nation have continued to bear the brunt of collective failures of the nation until, this stage where the agitation for self determination resurrected 50 years after Igbos were defeated in a three years genocidal war from 1966 to 1970.

Some Igbos have stuck to the taunted concept of One Nigeria for many reasons, ranging from fear of another defeat and genocide by Nigeria, loss of political favors from the more privileged tribes, individual survival purposes, their highly positive attitude to life, or out of share naivety by Igbo intelligentsia.
 With the new strength and resolve of Igbo Youths under the auspices of Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], Igbos and Nigeria are at crossroads regarding the future and the inevitable disintegration that stares Nigeria in the face. While many still hope on and believe in the One Nigeria project, the happenings since independence does not support their optimism. Those whose stomachs are filled from One Nigeria have refused to see reason. Here are a few reasons why Igbos with all good intents and purposes should be allowed to exit Nigeria now, before things cataclyse into a regretable civil war:

General O Ojukwu declares the Nation of Biafra.

1.The Amalgamation Treaty of Northern and Southern  Protectorates of Nigeria in 1914 and the  Name Nigeria:
The area called Nigeria existed as separate regions, doing their things separately and  happily. Trouble started when during the rush to share Africa by the White Men, Britain came and for their national economic interest only, forced the Northern and Southern Protectorates which they created into one nation, called Nigeria. While some claim that  the name Nigeria was drawn from the River Niger area, it is not convincing because two rivers traverse the territory of Nigeria,namely River Niger and River Benue. River Benue is not in the name Nigeria which destroys the river- based- name argument.The more likely meaning of the Name Nigeria must be” Nigger-Area” or “Nigga-area”

Fredrick Lord Lugard

Lord Lugard as far back as 1914, portrayed how Britain saw the large population and expanse of land under this set of black people, hence the name Nigeria meaning in actual fact Nigger-Area. While blacks fumed at the word “Nigger” they accepted “Nigger-Area” which remains an intriguing experience to all.
The name Nigeria was not chosen by occupants of the Southern and Northern Regions. If the name was coined by consensus of the peoples involved and concerned, it would have made some sense. If the name of the country was crafted from the mountains, rivers, gods and goddesses, or some cultural geographical history of the areas, it would have made some sense. The name Nigeria, remains an insult on the sensibilities of the people, and while some other tribes may be proud of it and willing to be identified by it, Igbos have found it derogatory, and the plight of Nigerians since independence seems to vindicate the position of Igbos so far.
Every name in Igbo Land has a meaning, and can be related to an experience, desire, wish, prayer, affirmation, and so on, but the name Nigeria, has no meaning to the Igbo sons and daughters.
Igbos therefore, do not want to be associated with the senselessness, the caricature, the disdain and disgrace, and the derogation, associated with the Name “Nigeria” which was coined as we all now know, by a mistress of Lord Lugard…How detestable !
Those who love the name should carry on with it. Igbos have chosen Biafra, it reflects our location on the world map, it shows the strategic position of our people in the affairs of Africa and the world. If Africa is a gun, the trigger is Biafra.

The name Biafra,was collectively chosen by the Leaders of Thought, Traditional Rulers, and Chiefs of Igbo Land , and Igbo intelligentsia in 1966. 
Biafra sounds good, sweet to call, it conjures a spirit of confidence, it boosts the morale of Igbos, and arouses the survival Spirit in Igbo Persons. The name Biafra calls Igbos into Excellence in all they find their hands to do. Biafra in Igbo language is called Biafuru, meaning “Come and See”. The name Biafra is as sensible and meaningful, as it is pleasing to man and God. A refusal of that name is unacceptably negative to the average Igbo Person.

Biafra, Land of the Rising Sun

Fulani North hates the name and a mere mention of it brings fears and rigours of hatred into them, while it causes envy to many other tribes in Nigeria. Igbos are proud to be Biafrans and will put all they have on line, to defend and protect Biafra. Nigeria did all it could to delete “Bight of Biafra” from the map, there and then they offended God and the land, little wonder then, that Nigeria has become a trap to all in it.
Nigeria should leave Igbos to adopt the name they love as their own, to bear the name they love as a people. The continued disregard of that name by the North is one problem the Northern Fulanis, cannot overcome, so let them stay where they want, answer what they want. Igbos have chosen to answer Biafrans and are ready to fight to defend that name.There should be no controversy….Let Igbos be, before it becomes too late.

2.Cultural and Traditional incompatibility with the Fulani North.
The South of Nigeria is made up of a highly competitive, achievement oriented, self-driven, hard working, accommodating, more development focused,  but  ambitious societies. They are majorly Christians, some Muslims and idol worshipers having more republican and democratic systems of governance.
The North of Nigeria generally, is controlled more by a Feudal System, that keeps and holds power among a few members of the ruling class, majorly Islamic religious leaders. There are a few Christian Areas and idol worshippers among them too. Generally, the North is more laid back, but the Fulanis who Lord it over them are extending that power to cover the South, are belligerent, forceful, and violent, crafty, manipulative, and hateful. Forgiveness does not exist in their character and tradition, unlike the majority Christian South. The Fulani North  prefers a large poor majority to depend on the few rich feudal Lords for livelihood. Power play is their strong forte. They love to rule and will do anything to get and retain power. Their brand of Islam, allows them to lie or deceive any non- Muslim or unbeliever. This is what Igbos cannot cope with being over 90 percent Christians.
These major differences in the culture, tradition, religion and governance methods, between the North, and the South of Nigeria, were largely exploited by Britain in the amalgamation document purely to ingrain a constant friction between the protectorates enabling Britain  to keep Nigeria under her foot for her own benefit. Igbos do not want to be part of this.
A total of 28 Persons were present at the Treaty of Amalgamation with only six Nigerians, the rest 21 persons were Britons led by Lord Lugard who proposed and forced it on the indigenous six persons. The Nigerians were: 1.HRH Maiturare Sarkin Mussulumi and Sultan [North-Fulani]
2.Usuman Dan Maje who later became Emir of Kano [North-Fulani]
3. Abubakar Shehu of Borno [North-Fulani]
4. Sir Kikoyi Ajasa [ South-Yoruba]
5.HRH Oladugbolu Alafin of Oyo[South-Yoruba]
6. HRH R Henshaw.[South Efik]
Three Northern Emirs, all Fulanis, Two Yorubas, (One Oba and one Lawyer), The Traditional Ruler of Efiks, alone, and that was it!
The Location was in the North, and NOT one Igbo Man was there, in spite of the existence of very powerful Traditional Rulers and educated personalities in Igbo Land. Igbos were sidelined by Lord Lugard, either as a punishment for their highly republican and democratic nature or the North did not want them, or both. There was no consensus among the territories involved, no plebiscite, no referendum, no agreement, nothing at all.Igbos are saying that the peoples of Nigeria must agree to function together as one nation. Nigeria says No! It must be by force or they kill, in the friction filled Master-Servant relationship. 
Igbo nation by her nature cannot function under this forced-forged cranky arrangement of Britain. Igbos were never part of the said treaty, they do not accept it as it is fraught with deception and high handed subjugation of Igbos, please let them be!
3. The Expired Treaty of Amalgamation.

The treaty binding Nigeria together expired in 2014, there is therefore no basis to continue with the faulty arrangement. Every genuine effort to forge a new basis to involve Igbos and other units has been schemed  down by Fulanis and their surrogates.Over three conferences convened so far by various past administrations to agree on restructuring of Nigeria, have been frustrated by the Northern Nigeria led by Fulanis. They have now run out of time. The cracks have widened,  to restructure the nation that is fractured from foundation, is too late. Igbos should be allowed to go their way.
Sixty one years and running after independence, Igbos have had enough, it is too late now to continue to live the lie.Igbos have lifted and shattered the veil with which Nigeria was covered. Igbos have seen the hollowness, and wickedness against them inside the contraption called Nigeria, and they know what is best for them, and are going for it. They want Biafra.
 When the foundation is faulty, there is nothing the righteous can do than to fix it, or reset it or brake it up, pull it down to start afresh. The foundations of Nigeria is very faulty, Igbos must do what they have to do. Nigeria should allow Igbos  to go without more ado over the inevitable. Let Igbos go now than to plunge Nigeria into an unnecessary and avoidable war.
4.1960 Independence the 1966 Coup and the aftermath
Before independence, the North pretended that they did not want to be part of Nigeria. It was their ploy and negotiation strategy to get the British give them power knowing that the British needed a country to continue to forster their own many interests.Since it was the South and Igbos pushing for independence, their punishment from Britain was to give power to the North, with Abubakar Balewa as Prime Minister, and ceremonial Presidency to the Southern Nnamdi Azikiwe. 
The mistake the South made was to accept that arrangement to just become independent. They must have thought, that amongst themselves as an independent nation, they would resolve their differences.The Fulani North have proved them wrong in that assumption since 1960.
Fueled and master minded by the Fulani-North, trouble broke out in the South West by 1963, just three years after independence. It spread throughout the nation and threatened the stability of the Young Nation. Young Nigerian detribalised Army Officers planned and executed a Military Coup on the 15 January 1966, with the sole aim to make Chief Awolowo the President of Nigeria which would have seen Nigeria as the Giant Of Africa, and to incorporate other changes to keep the nation calm progressive and peaceful. The Coup resulted in killing of many prominent politicians including Sir Ahmadu Bello, who was the symbol of the Fulani Supremacy in Nigeria as ordained by Britain.

Ahmadu Bello

The man hated Igbos with an indescribable  bitterness. He hated Igbos like Hitler hated Jews and to make matters worse, the Coup Planners applied merit, seniority, and discipline which from our experiences so far is lacking in the methods of governance and choice of leadership among the Fulani North. The 1966 Coup plotters made the Most Senior high ranking officer at that time, an Igbo Man, Major General JTU Aguiyi Ironsi the Head of State.

Major General Aguiyi Ironsi visiting Ibadan a day before his assassination on 28th July 1966.

This singular decision, added salt to the the  injury of the Fulani North, who not only did not trust any Southerner to control power, how much more making an Igbo Man the custodian of Power in Nigeria. It was  unthinkable, unacceptable and intolerable to them. There is till today, not one genuine reason for the Fulani hatred of the Igbos except that it was and has remained their cheap, bargaining instrument to coax the British dislike for Igbos, in order to get and keep power. Britain on her part refused to let Igbos have peace because they were the only tribe that was highly Republican and democratic of all the tribes in Nigeria that resisted Britain most viciously. Every manipulative efforts made by the Fulani Led Nigeria, to pollute and break the Republican/democratic traditional nature of the Igbos have never succeeded and shall never ever succeed from what has transpired so far. Fulanis are naturally wired to hate Ndigbo, it will be foolishness on any, to think that Igbos will ever accept their total rulership again in one nation.Igbos are tired of being tired about Nigeria under Fulani Islamic domination. They are saying Enough is Enough! Nigeria should hear them for the sake of Nigeria.
5.The Change in the Narrative of the 1966 Coup.

General TY Danjuma Nigerian Army Chief of Staff 1966 inspecting Guard of Honour in London

The Holy Bible Declares that the enemy comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. Typically, in order to retaliate and revenge against Igbos, and to massage the Fulani ego, a different narrative had to be concocted in order to steal the joy of Igbos, kill Igbos, and to maim and destroy Igbos by Fulani North.
A counter Coup in which an army officer blinded by Fulani hatred, was specifically instructed to Kill Aguiyi Irosi and to return Nigeria to the clueless control of Fulani North. Their counter Coup was executed in 1965. In that Coup, Colonel Joseph Fajuiyi a Southern Yoruba army officer, a gentle man, and ADC to Ironsi, displayed a formidable loyalty and respect for proper disciplined Soldierliness when he stuck to and was killed with his master. That army officer who boasted about how he killed the two, has his people being killed and displaced from their farms and lands by Fulanis today, and he seems to be seeing clearly now, what Ojukwu saw, 51 years ago today. What a pitiable lack of foresight!

The Fulani North changed the narrative by declaring the 1966 Coup an Igbo Coup aimed at subduing and dominating Nigeria by Igbos. This was the most wicked lie told against Igbos by Fulani North. As we now know, the Coupists had the best interest of Nigeria at heart and Buhari with the Fulanization of Nigeria has exposed the intention which Fulanis had and accused Igbos of same over 50 years ago today. Igbos won’t have any more of the lies and hatred against them as a people. Igbos want to left to go in peace.
The greatest fear of the Fulani power manipulators and controllers experience in Nigeria was,  and is still, the fear of the undivided resolve between a Yoruba Man and An Igbo Man as displayed by Colonel Francis Adekunle Fajuyi.

Adekunle Fajuyi

This is why we Love Fajuyi. I stayed in his hall as a student in University of Ife, now OAU with Pa Awolowo as my Role Model in Leadership.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo

Chief Awolowo saw the Fulani North for what they truly are. He did for Yorubas what all his Igbo contemporaries put together could not do for Igbo people. In return, Fulanis denied him the Presidency of Nigeria for being the reason why the Majors struck on January 15, 1966. Fulanis never forgive or forget, and like them if not more, Igbos of this age, will never forgive or forget those who killed Aguiyi Ironsi and Adekunle Fajuyi, and masterminded the bad narrative that followed.
In any case, I love Adekunle Fajuyi’s State, his people, and his tribe too, for their forthrightness in all they do. Every thing about Adekunle Fajuyi, commands and conjures respect, decency, honor and stern loyalty. I unapologetically love his character.Igbo Youths are committed to destroy the Divide-And- Rule Chasm created by Fulanis between Igbos and Yorubas.The harder they come between Igbo Youths and Yoruba Youths, the harder these Youths form their bonds on unity.

Any war against Igbos will be properly discerned by Yoruba Youths and will spell doom to Nigeria. Let Igbos be left to go now without blood shed.

6.1966 Genocide against Igbos in the North. In order to display more hatred for Igbos, and based on their concocted wickedly wrong narrative, and following their counter coup,the Fulani north started a genocide in their Northern  region that saw the death of over 4000 Igbos in 1966, while all other parts in Nigeria watched and remained silent.
Igbos had no option than to run back to their home land and collectively had Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu declare Biafra, on the 30 May 1966. Nigeria attacked Biafra with the  vengeful, blood thirsty and wicked support of Britain and Russia. The plane that dropped the first bomb in Orlu my Local government area( LGA) Head Quaters in July 1966 was a Russian bomber. We will not forget. Others may forget, I witnessed it as a child. Biafra has come and never again. Those who want war to kill Igbos shall have bombs explode on their houses.
The Biafra-Nigeria War led to the death of over three Million Igbos. How can a living man with conscience think that the lives of over 3.4 million Igbos killed between 1966-1970 will be forgotten? I find it very hard to understand how Britain can hate Igbos so much, never to forgive Igbos and to continue this  vengeance against Igbos, simply because of the nature of Igbos and using the justification from Fulani North.  Britain became so worriedly jealous of Igbos, when they discovered that democracy and republicanism, were strongly entrenched in Igbo governance traditions before they landed Igbo Land. Democracy actually started in Igbo land, never mind these narratives of new age history created by Britain.To the best of my knowledge, Igbos have not killed, not encouraged, not supported the killing of any Briton for any political or religious reasons, yet like Fulani Muslims, Britain hates Igbos pathologically.
God cannot be in the religion that hates a man for the way God made him. Britain will do better in the interest of humanity to stop their support of Fulani hatred of Igbos and leave Biafra to go. This continued British support of Fulanis, drives and encourages them to continue with their evil killings of Christians, and Igbos which will if, not stopped by Britain, escalate into a war in Nigeria. Biafra is not standing on the ways of Britain to  take what they can from Nigeria. Britain should let Igbos go for goodness sake and for the sake of humanity. They have all to loose should another war broke out in Nigeria.

7. Igbos have been standing alone since 1966.
In 1966, before the war broke out, in a peace meeting  in Aburi Ghana, Biafra led by General Ojukwu demanded for a restructured Nigeria with greater autonomy to the Regions and Nigeria led by General Gowon accepted.

General Gowon Nigerian Head of State 1966 to 1975.

But when Gowon returned home, a memo written by An Edo man who was a Permanent Secretary at the time caused Nigeria to change her mind and renege on Aburi, making the war inevitable.This should be noted, Edo  did not want Igbos to be free. Edo caused the war!
In that war, Tivs, Idomas and men from Benue to Plateau were referred to by Biafran soldiers as ” Gwodo-Gwodo”
meaning tall, and fierce looking men. Gwodo Gwodos were very invincible on the battle ground. They killed Igbos, mostly civilians, like mosquitoes. What we know today as the Middle Belt of Nigeria fought and killed Igbos, and raped with reckless abandon. The roles of General Benjamin Adekunle alias Black Scorpion, Gen. Alani Akirinade, and many others in the war,are all in the books and Utube, for all to see. Olusegun Obasanjo wrote a book titled ” My Command”.
The message here is that the whole of Nigeria, in one way or the other fought to subdue, subjugate, and defeat Biafra and the Igbo Man. These Men know that Nigeria will never survive another war. They know that another war will pour away Nigeria like bad water. Igbos should just be allowed to go in peace. Nigeria does not want them, does do not like them, yet Nigeria won’t let them go? what kind of hell is that? Why must Nigeria hold Igbos under this Bondage? An adult who holds a child to the floor, keeps himself on same floor. Nigeria has to let go now!
Biafra was conquered in 1970, but Fulanis were not happy with the No-Victor-No-Vanguished declaration of General Yakubu Gowon, the Commander-in Chief, who executed the genocidal war that killed Igbos in millions. The war by Fulanis to own Igbo Land has continued till this day, aided by Britain, and now they have raised the notch a lot higher under President Muhamadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress (APC), using Miyetti Allah.  Hatred is a force that destroys, the one harbouring it from life, history, and scriptural experiences. It is very difficult to see how Nigeria will have peace, with this kind of Blood letting of Igbos and Christians they allow to continue. Let Ndigbo go!
8.The world has changed, freedom is for all.
The Fulani North can never comprehend the Igbo man, and it is a wasted effort to try to persuade them. The best thing for Nigeria is to let Igbos go now without a war, because the World today is widely different from that of 1966. More nations of the world have broken up, pulled out of their former Countries, there is more access to arms today than 50 years ago. Knowledge has increased, people are now taught how to manufacture, and couple guns, make bombs, grenades, and drones, on the internet. Reconizance equipment are available for less money just for the asking, communication and propaganda media are available just for asking at affordable costs.There are no limits to the damages any war with Igbos today can and will cause to any part of Nigeria, from Sokoto to Umuahia, and from Maiduguri to Port Harcourt or Calabar. Let someone just think for a moment, what Nigeria will look like, should Igbos decide to spread death across the nation, the way Fulanis under Buhari are using Miyetti Allah and the army to spread death in South East.
It is therefore completely unnecessary and avoidable in the best interest of humanity to continue to stoke and fan the embers of war as Fulani North has been doing in Nigeria. The wisest thing to do in this circumstance is to shelve any plans to wage war against Igbos or any tribe for that matter, or to push them into war. Nigeria should just let Igbos go in peace. Let Igbos grapple with their future in their own hands with their God, and if in that process they come back with caps in their hands to beg Nigeria, it will be a different matter. Nigeria needs to let Igbos go now, for humanity sake.
9. Sustained plan to pollute Igbo value system.
The corruption of Igbo Traditional Institutions, Culture and Virtures has continued since 1970.
Every societal and institutional structure in Igbo land was decimated, and completely polluted in the hope that they would break or reduce Igbo tribe into eternal slaves of Fulanis. Politicians in order to get power from the Fulanis, had to please them desperately by decimating Igbo traditional rulership all with one purpose- to destroy the spirit of unity that existed in the Igbo society before the war.It has reached  a stage where each Igbo state has over 7000 autonomous communities and traditional rulers with some ruling just three villages or less. Igbos were caused to jettison the well known community self reliance spirit and culture and now looks up to government for every thing, a government designed to reduce and deny them.
Conducts and things that were taboos in Igbo Land became acceptable, ranging from spraying of money during public occasions, even spraying foreign currencies to kidnapping, money rituals, get rich quick syndromes and ideas, mutilation of bodies for money, necromancy, etc. Money making secret societies have become open societies in Igbo land. Many Igbos now laugh at and scorn Men of God, while they rever and fear Native and Witch doctors and so on.
While Igbos are scattered all over Nigeria in pursuit of successes, building One Nigeria, Fulanis North was busy destroying the very fabrics of Igbo society, digging deeper in their dislike of Igbos, ensuring that no Igbo Man would ever become the President of Nigeria. Zik of Africa ended up Zik of Igbo Land, Alex Ekwueme who was a leading and foundation member of the PDP, was strategically reduced and denied any slot of the Number one Position in Nigeria. Igbos got whatever they got based on merit, while all other tribes got perks and juicy positions based on who they knew, connection with either the north or their accomplices.
Today there is no state in Nigeria where Igbos have not invested their time, energy, and resources, contributing to development of their host states. But on the Part of Nigerians, one can count the expected reciprocal investments in Igbo land by other tribes of Nigeria. Instead, some Igbo states denied their Igboness, changing their names, streets, and communities and now even kill Igbos to impress the Fulani Caliphate that they believe in and should be part of the One Nigeria. 
The greatest abomination and betrayal of  Igbo Land and Igbo Spirit was the killing of over 300 Igbo Youths in Obigbo Rivers State under the orders of Nyesom Wike.There is no need now to continue in the lie called One Nigeria, which the North insists cannot be re-negotiated. The Igbo Spirit has risen among Igbo People, though denied by some, based on greed, selfishness, fear of the truth, and lack of faith in themselves. The cup of Nigeria is full, they should let Igbos go to Biafra.

10.Blood thirsty Fulani  Islam 
 It is better to die  a free man than to pledge the destinies of our future generations into perpetual bondage and annexation to the Islamic Fulani North. The great difference between Muslims of the South, and those of Fulani North stands out tall, and shines on like light into the darkness of violent Islam in Nigeria.
Southern Muslims, value life, are friendly, caring, welcoming, accept Christians as humans. The Fulani Muslims have no respect for the life of any non-muslim. They can lie and deceive non-Muslims, kill them and take their women and land.
For the Fulanis, it is kill, take over and occupy. God forbids such wickedness and deception, and Igbos now know better, and is disgusted with it all.Igbos and Fulani North can never build any nation together, because to trust a Fulani Leader is to deny your right to live on equal terms. Igbos have to be let alone, to exit Nigeria.

11.Buhari and Fulanization of Nigeria.
Nigeria under Buhari APC regime, has so violated the rights of Igbos and driven matters to the point where   Igbo youths are determined to stay strong and defend themselves even to perish fighting for freedom of their land. Never again shall the 1966-1970 experience happen to Igbo Land.
Nigeria should let Igbo go in peace now, for Nigeria can never survive the looming war in the horizon should it be allowed to start.
It is worthy to point out here, that if the Fulani North pushes their domination of Igbo land beyond reason, and consequently plunges the nation into a war, the feared vision of late Major Gideon Okar may come to pass.

Major Gideon Okar 1952 to 1990

The Fulanis will have themselves to blame and bite their fingers from the outcome of such a war. Buhari has encouraged Miyetti Allah to continue to make incendiary comments about Igbos and other tribes of the South. Under Buhari’s watch, Miyetti Allah has transformed to terrorism supported by Nigerian State law enforcement institutions. Banditry sprang up and is spreading South wards under Buhari. Boko Haram is waxing stronger and expanding their control heading towards the Igbos in the South. Buhari had declared Nigeria the home stead of Fulanis in Africa and wherever. Igbos will not cede an inch of their land to Fulanis, even it means to go to war. Nigeria should listen now and let Igbos go.

12.The Nigerian Constitution and Fulanization of Nigeria.
The gradual fulanization of Nigeria has been an ongoing project by Muslims of the North, since 1966. The 1999 Constitution as amended has Islam  mentioned more times than any other religion in Nigeria. Sharia is mentioned more times in the constitution than any other religion. The Coat of Arms of the Nigerian Army has Arabic Inscriptions which many soldiers may not know or understand. Nigerian populace and intelligentsia has remained complacent to these contradictions for the said sake of One Nigeria, but the Muslim North has taken their complacency as a tacit approval of their religious intransigence, in the implementations of that constitution. Nigeria was dragged into the Organization of Islamic Conference by ex head of state Ibrahim Badamosi Babagida (IBB), without the knowledge of the federating units, and nothing happened. Muslim Shiite Sects were killed, imprisoned, dehumanised, nothing happened. Muslim fundamentalists and Jihadists started displacement and killing of Christians first in Maiduguri, then, Kano, Yobe, Southern Kaduna and even Katsina and continued moving South wards, nothing happened.
They killed using Miyetti Allah herdsmen across the whole northern states nothing happened because Nigerians believed the lies that they were farmers’ clashes. Today, it has become clear that Fulanis indeed believe they own Nigeria. They do not, cannot and shall never own Igbo land. Igbos should be allowed to go in peace, and let Fulanis remain in peace.

13.Use of Violence and Terrorism
By 2013, a clear plan had been put in place to take power from ex president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (JEG) and return it to the Fulanis while the deceived South looked on or compromised. Boko Haram was formed in 2002, and became radicalized by 2009. Efforts to kill and take it out was resisted by the Sokoto Caliphate. Major General Ihejirika , an Igbo man, had a clear simple plan to wipe it away from Nigeria. Fulanis fought him, and he was quickly removed or retired from the army. In 2011, Boko Haram attacked Abuja, and in 2012, when an Igbo Man, Onovo, was the IGP. Subsequently, Deputy Inspector General of Police John Haruna who was on a reconizance duty surprisingly died in a Helicopter crash in Jos, so that  Boko Haram could not be linked and it was blamed on poor Nigerian Air Safety standards.While all other leaders since 1999, had been subtle in pursuit of Fulanisation, which started as Islamisation. Buhari as the Heart Beat and champion of Fulanisation of Nigeria, did not hide his intensions to Fulanise Nigeria and he found cooperation from the South majorly from among the Muslim South Westerners powered by greed driven politicians.
As the Life Patron Of Miyetti Allah, Buhari fused Miyetti Allah into the fulanization project and soon they became the foot soldiers of Fulanisation, killings escalated, raping and the take over of lands across Nigeria became official, priority was given to Cows and armed Mitetti Allah herds men over the life and property of humans and Nigerian Citizens.

President Buhari

 Under Buhari’s watch since 2015, over 40,000 lives have been wasted by Fulani Miyetti Allah armed herdmen, across the nation, and this is apart from the casualties from Boko Haram and Bandits.
Fear, harassment and intimidation using both millitary and police Forces were used to cow the people. To conquer the spirit of the Igbo Man, the army had Operations Python Dances i and ii, that claimed over 3000 lives of Igbo Youths and counting as I write.The Rivers State Governor contributed his quota in order to become President or VeePee, come 2023, by ordering the killing of over 300 unarmed Igbo youths in Obigbo, Rivers State. But before he could write his report to his masters, Ebonyi Governor, Umahi had displaced him by decamping from PDP to APC , all of them, including Leaders of Ohaneze, chasing the same Mirage of Presidency in 2023!
Today, they hunt down Igbo Youths, carry them to Military stations in the North where many die, some are released and many remain in incarceration, ably aided by these misguided Igbo Governors and Ohaneze Leadership. These men are pursuit of some promised Federal high positions ostensibly used by Fulanis, just to kill the deserved 2023 Presidency from the South West. It was the South West that actually put Buhari in power, but Fulanis have been drafting these greedy men to stop Tinubu.
Fulanis plan ahead, aided by Britain, to continuously and successfully play the South against themselves in order to continue holding power and the Fulanization Project. Igbo youths have been chased, hunted, harassed, dehumanised, killed in two pronged plan of  reduction of vibrant combatant Igbo population, and to kill the Igbo Spirit of togetherness and Unity.
It is obvious that with the establishment of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, Igbo Youths are prepared to face the war Nigeria and Fulani are courting, and that includes pulling Nigeria into pieces if they must do so in order to get freedom.Wisdom beckons on Fulanis to let Igbos go now in peace, than to let them destroy what we know today as Nigeria.

14.Total breaches and disregard for Nigerian Constitution.
No Leader in Nigeria has breached and violated the Nigerian Constitution as Buhari has done in the last six years. From 2015, Buhari has breached the Federal Character provisions of the Constitution by ensuring that over 90 percent of the Top Security Positions in Nigeria are occupied by Fulanis and Fulani-affiliated Northerners. He descended next on the Judiciary, and surreptitiously removed  CJN Onnoghen, using an Igbo man to pave way for a Northern Miyetti Allah supporting CJN; Next was the INEC where his relations are coordinators in preparation for the 2019, elections and beyond.  He then followed with Federal Education Institutions, and student Unions. Till date, strikes and strifes have become the norm in our educational institutions, again using an Igbo Man as a Minister to commit these havocs. The police and Military are unleashed on the masses with reckless abandon, and even the out cry by Nigerian Youths under #ENDSARS protests was snuffed out by killing them, while police Brutality and use of excessive force continue in the South East with Some Igbo Governors happy to kill Igbo Youths using the SARS, till tomorrow. Buhari has used Cow Colony, RUGA, Coastal lands acquisition, to try to capture lands in the South for Fulanis. He patronises the Senate and NASS and have reduced both Houses to rubber stamps! 
State Governors are copying him in subverting the Nigerian Constitution arrogating to themselves powers they do not have and running the states like Buhari did as a Military Head of State. These are so unacceptable to Igbos, who are ready to say so and damn the consequences. Enough is enough.

15.Repeated use of Igbos as “Jack Asses”.
The Fulani North will always use Igbos to do their dirty jobs. For example, Igbos were used to start the One Million March under Late Abacha; An Igbo Man was used to Fight Zik in politics, Igbo men abandoned Ekwueme during PDP convention that saw OBJ as flag bearer of the PDP; An Igbo Man was used to facilitate the removal of the former CJN Onnoghen; An Igbo former female Minister, was used to embarrass the Government of GEJ, and portray him as weak and clueless using the #Bring Back Chibok Girls saga. From what we all know today, Fulanis In Borno State were behind that shameful abduction. The North is using Igbo Governors to try to expose Igbo land to control and killings by Miyetti Allah in the same method the Governor of Borno was used during the Chibok Girls abduction, and the rise of Boko Haram. Igbo Governors have been recruited to frustrate the ESN,especially the Governors of Ebonyi, Abia, and Enugu States, and the list goes on. As shameful and sordid as this may be, Fulanis are also using the rich and political Igbos, including and Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, to frustrate the 2023 presidential ambition of the South, thereby  pitching Igbos against Yorubas once again in the game of chasing the winds!

Fulanis used Ohaneze Ndi Igbo under Nnia Nwodo to attempt to undo the rise of awareness among Igbo Youths and the quest for Biafra.They have just masterminded the ascension of Ambassador George Obiozor to continue on the same trail. They used MASSOB to try to stop IPOB. I am of the opinion that Divide-and-Rule is in the DNA of ruling Fulani politicians. It runs in their blood and they cannot help themselves. The wisest way to help them will be for Nigeria to resolutely demand that Igbos be allowed to go without any war. Igbos Youths have seen the lies and deception, they find it disgusting and unacceptable. The so called Igbo presidency at best will be a snare to kill more Igbos after a coup that will oust such a foolish Igbo President. Igbos Youths under IPOB know all these crazy antiques of the Northern Fulanis.Nigeria should let Biafra go! Nigeria does not need to Break up or shattered by any war. Nigeria has to let Biafra go, in order for the rest of Nigeria to remain in peace and continue forging ahead.

16. Right to Self determination of a People.
The principle of self determination is embodied in Article 1, of the of the United Nations (UN). It states inter alia: ” All peoples have the right to self determination. By virture of that right, they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”. Biafrans started demanding to be allowed to pursue their own political, economic, social and cultural development since 30th May 1966. The struggle and demand for Self determination by Biafrans has continued for over 51 years. By a resolution of the UN, a people should be allowed to self determination if they have consistently fought seeking for that status for 50 years. Biafra by any standards of decency under the UN Charter, qualifies, deserves and should be allowed their right to self determination.
Just like no one can effectively force a woman to stay in relationship she loathes and abhors. The bible in which over 95 percent of Igbos believe in, declares that any two can only work together if they agree. Igbos differ dismally with Fulanis, culturally, economically, traditionally, in language, religion, commerce, governance, and in world view.
There is no agreement or basis for agreement to remain in Nigeria having tried it without success for the past 51 years, with Fulanis fighting to wipe away Igbo race from the face of this earth!
Furthermore, Igbos have historical and  religious proofs to establish that they are part of the lost tribes of the Jews that left Israel during the notorious reign of King Jeroboam, “the Son of Nebat, who taught Israel how to sin”.
As Jews, Igbos like their brethren in Israel, have continued to live under the belligerent disregard, and violent hatred of our Arab/ Muslim neighbours, the Fulanis of Northern Nigeria.
Igbos find it unacceptable, and unnecessary and dangerously inimical to their existence, to continue in the face of ethnic cleansing as voiced on several occasions by Islamic, and Fulani supported jihadists like Boko Haram, Bandits, and Miyetti Allah, with the ostensible backing of Nigerian Army and Police as we are experiencing since 2015 till date.

Nnamdi Kanu IPOB Leader

If the UN, Europe and America is interested in preventing the likely over flow of over 60 million refugees from Nigeria into West African and other neighbouring countries, they should be timeous and quick in stopping Nigeria from promoting and priming a war against Igbos by Buhari Government.

Ibrahim Gambari defacto Nigerian President

 Igbos youths, traditional rulers, elders and Biafrans have shown their resolute determination to defend their land and fight back should Nigeria, like in 1966, decide to invade Igbo land.
The UN has a reputation for slow pace of intervention in such matters. They always hardly respond to signs of genocide, till the blood shed starts and goes far.This leaves Igbos with no option than to plan and prepare to defend their land, and if necessary fight back in any ways and means they deem fit to achieve self determination by pushing back Fulani invasion of Igbo land.
Britain, the Chief economic benefactor of fractionalised atomicitic Fulani led Nigeria, should act quickly to stop Buhari in his tracks of war against Igbos and Biafra land.
Britain should reconsider and review their strategies by focusing more on building positive image within Igbo land.  British activities in Nigeria since the last 51 years, has been anti-Igbo. They should work to restore Igbo confidence in Britain, in order to make the exit of Biafra violent free.

Eastern Security Network, in defence of Biafra farm land

Let Igbos be allowed to go away from an arrangement that they were never part of ab initio. To let Igbos exit from Nigeria peacefully now, is a task that must be accomplished by the UN, Britian, Europe, and America in the best interest of Humanity and to avoid human catastrophy that a war will bring upon Nigeria and her neighbours. A stitch in time they say, saves nine. Let Biafra go and Let Nigeria remain in peace thereafter.

*Clement Udegbe is a Lawyer.