*Managed isolation system booked out until June

New Zealanders wanting to return home from overseas will likely have to wait months if they haven’t already booked managed isolation. …
As new and more contagious variants of the coronavirus have emerged in recent months, more nations are implementing mandatory quarantine facilities for entry.

A Canada and England announced last week that they will closely monitor arrivals in quarantine facilities to prevent new variants from gaining traction, following examples set by nations such as New Zealand early in the pandemic.

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Government-imposed quarantines have proved effective at detecting cases before they get into the country. They effectively halt travel for anyone unwilling to spend (and often pay for) a waiting period confined to a hotel room and monitored by health officials.

Canada and the UK are the latest countries to introduce mandatory hotel quarantines.
But not all government-imposed quarantines are equal, with varying surveillance levels, out-of-pocket costs and stay lengths that range from three days to three weeks.