*I’m praying that the powers that be who mobilise people to vote will do so for Obi.

A former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) in Lagos State, Capt. Tunji Shelle (retd.) Obi has said he would give support to former governor of Anambra state and the Vice presidential candidate of the PDP in the 2019 general election if he contests for the position of president in the 2023 general elections.

Captain Shelle
Peter Obi

Captain Shelle made the disclosure during an interview he granted The Punch newspaper.

When he was asked if he foresaw hurdles before Obi’s 2023 presidential ambition, the retired Captain responded thus:

“Yes, those are my fears. Peter Obi is a role model, an example of a good manager and a practical human being. He is a prudent manager. He knows his onions. Figures and facts are at his fingertips. You cannot deceive him or take advantage of him because he’s knowledgeable, articulate, intelligent and hardworking.

He has shown that he can do so many things with little resources. He can run a government without taking loans. He can work magic if given the opportunity.

But the hurdles are there. Like I said, certain parts of this country are not ready to move at the pace at which the country should move.

Underage people vote in the North and they don’t even know why they are voting. The ones that are not underage vote because somebody asked them to. So, how can Obi win in an election?

I can’t imagine it, more so when he’s not rough. I’m praying that the powers that be who mobilise people to vote will do so for Obi. If that is the kind of Igbo man everybody has in mind, I am in full support. But any other one, I may not be able to vouch for them. I can vouch for this because he has done it before as a governor and he’s leading by example. If you meet him on the flight, he is in economy class, not business class, and he interacts well with everybody.

If all of us behave the way Obi behaved while in office, then definitely, Nigeria would be a better place. Such a man can come from any part of the country; Obi is a role model.