Senator Smart Adeyemi Cries out on insecurity in Nigeria
Senator Oluremi Tinubu, eyes on 2023.

Most Nigerian political elites wickedly thought that the blood of innocent citizens is the rightful ambrosia that must satiate the alter of some blood thirsty deity or demon, creating in them, an aura of predatory tenor, and a mystical ardour that makes them to loose all consciousness of humanity, because they must remain in power and continue their reigns over the affairs of the masses. They habitually stoke the fiery furnace of tribal and ethnic bigotry, religious and party intolerance that is capable of destruction, making people to turn against each other in deadly blows, without caring to know whom their real enemies are.

The Nigeria Senate on Tuesday devoted their plenary for that day to discuss the state of lawlessness and wanton destruction of lives and properties. Speaking at the floor, Senator Smart Adeyemi, representing Kogi West District, said that this instability is far worse than the civil war. The emotion laden tone of Senator Adeyemi reverberated across the hallowed chambers which was unexpectedly caught under pin drop silence. His appeal was simple, that the APC led federal government should rise from its slumber and bring lasting solutions to the rising insecurity, employing foreign assistance without shame if needed be. This warning from Adeyemi about the consequences of the APC federal government not doing enough for Nigeria security, seemed to totally disgust his colleague and APC party member, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, representing Lagos Central district. Mrs Tinubu, whose husband, Bola Tinubu is gearing up to contest the 2023 presidency under APC, remarked fiendishly in an apparent mocking of Adeyemi saying, “Are you in PDP? Are you a wolf in sheep clothing?”

To Mrs Tinubu, politics is far more important to her than raising an alarm about how children are matcheted to death with their entrails spilled out; of pregnant mothers disemboweled and left for flies to feast on; of families being gunned down while sourcing for their livelihood; of school children being kidnapped, abused, and cut down in their prime. All those lurid pictures of the dismembered bodies of hapless citizens, bathed in their own pool of blood is not shocking enough to drive Mrs Tinubu to sobriety. What she must had expected to hear from Adeyemi was the continued adulations of APC as the best thing to happen to Nigerians. Hold any contrary views and be tagged an opposition PDP out and scheming to take over power from the APC.

This divide and rule tactics of political elites is weakening the resistance and every rallying points for the oppressed against the oppressor. Maybe in her own calculation, rebuking Sen Adeyemi in such manner would evoke zealous and energetic partisanship among APC faithfuls, beginning with members of the national assembly.
But sadly for her, nobody is having such nonsense this time around.

Edozie Maduagwu,
Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Lagos.