Rev. Father Mbaka

Mbaka said Buhari was ” our savior” but over 1.2 million Christians including Catholics have been killed since 2015 Buhari was sworn in as President. Mbaka told us that Hope Uzordinma was God sent, and Hope turned out to be the first Governor in Nigeria and the South East in particular to invite Nigerian combined forces to bomb, shoot at and kill citizens of Orlu his own constituency!

Imo is now boiling due to Hope’s wickedness , after thousands of Imo youths have been killed including giving orders for Ikonso to be murdered!. Mbaka spoke up too late.

However it is better late than never. We welcome him to lane of truth and forthrighness on the Altar.

With this Mbaka stands above the RCCG GO, Deeper Life GO, and the Later Rain assembly GO, all Yorubas and in Lagos, who see nothing wrong in the killings going on, Except Daddy Oyedepo of Living Faith who has been threatened by Fulanis for speaking out..

Pastor Adeboye of RCCG even went to encourage El- Rufai recently to encourage him, strangely. El-Rufai should be the one visiting Adeboye to ask for forgiveness and prayers. Daddy GO, reduced the Church, since Buhari appeared there with his cap on in the presence or House of God and worship!

The VeePee Osibanjo is a Pastor of RCCG, and under his watch ,highest records of the killing of Christians in the history of Nigeria, and West Africa, has happening and the count continues.

Many now wonder which God they serve? Which Bible they preach? Which Jesus the proclaim?

Femi Adeshina, another Yoruba man is the Mouth Piece of Buhari, and had the audacity to ask Nigerians to accept Fulanization to remain alive! God forbid.What do these men want and why do they fear Buhari so much?

As Men of God, We expected them to speak up on Who is in Aso Rock.