Bokoharam terrorists heading South to Igbo Land of Nigeria.

One gun in the hand of a good person can save a thousand lives . In the same token, a gun in the hand of a bad person can kill thousands. 

This truism is established from the Igbo man’s experience since after the Civil War of 1969 to 1970. For over 51 years today, Igbos have faced killings of all sorts from Maiduguri to Kano when ever a northerner was incensed over any thing whether the Igbo Man is connected  or not.

Someone in 2003 I, called Prophet Mohammed a foolish liar in far away London, Northern Muslims killed Igbos in Maidiguri and Kano to demonstrate their anger.
Whenever they rioted in the north of Nigeria, Igbos and Christians would be killed until 2009, when violence erupted in Kano, Igbos  armed themselves and Fulanis did not kill as they planned.
When Orji Uzor Kalu was Governor of Abia, Igbos were killed in Kaduna and Kano and he threatened retaliation, Fulanis mobilized their cream de la cream of leaders to go and plead with him, why? Because Igbos were armed to their teeth and could wipe away all Fulanis in Abia at that time in a matter of hours. Fulanis never forget nor forgive. They kept it in mind while letting him grow in all he he set his hands to do, but as soon as he expressed interest in governance at the center, the plotting  resumed till they found a good reason to jail him ,then released and restored him back to the Senate, hence his unalloyed indebtedness to Fulanis. It was their retaliation for bringing them to beg. So I can understand that one good turn deserves another. You rub my aching back and I rub yours. That is between him and them, But Ndigbo must not be deceived.

Just make a mental list of all the Leaders in the South, Fulanis begged for one thing or the other, sometime, they were humiliated at the opportune time.

You will remember the Governor of Oyo State who threatened to kill cows in retaliation for rapings and destructions of farms by Fulani herdsmen. Who went to him to beg? Buhari went as the life Patron of Miyett  Allah. What happened  to that Governor soon after is for you reading to find out.

You remember when our beloved Buhari was sick in a London hospital in 2016. Rochas Okorocha went and saw that his case was critical. He came back and covered it, but left a room for us to glean into the possibility of non-recovery of Mr . President.  When later Rochas wanted to contest the Senate seat, Fulanis wanted to punish him for not covering up totally, he threatened to reveal who was in Aso Rock,  and they quickly left him alone. They allowed him but continued plotting till they found Hope Uzordinma, a very desperate and willing tool. They moved him from 4th position and pushed away Ihedioha the popular choice of Imolites, but was too polished to do their dirty Job against Rochas.

They put in and installed  Hope to become Governor. So far Hope is is doing their bidding with all the zeal he can muster.
Thus, any Imolites expecting any good for Imo from Hope is a day dreamer.

As his destiny would have it, he played more into their hands by ordering the killing of Youths in his own Orlu constituency. Not stopping there, he went ahead to order the killing of a IKONSO, a Man he had invited to head his EbubeAgu, now known generally as EgubeNgwere, among true Imolites and Ndigbo.
Hope willingly brought Rochas into poverty by facilitating the siesure of over 135 prime properties belonging to Rochas, and the plan of Fulanis is to use these two slaves of theirs to destroy Imo!

And they are doing that Job dutifully, while blaming innocent,  responsible, committed and resolute IPOBians.None of them have the sense to ask why no properties of the stealing Fulanis have been siezed under Buhari. Fulani Cow Meat Eaters!

Those who know these men closely should avoid them, as this write up is to avert the minds of the simple in Imo to steer clear of their madness and support IPOB.Only IPOB can end the Fulani dream of rulling Igbos for ever! A dream rejected by God who made the heavens and the earth.

You will remember  Adams Oshiomole. He was one of those who started off on a good path, but when he wanted to become APC Party Chairman, they allowed him till he threatened to reveal who was occupying Aso Rock, and they started plotting against him.They used his Southern Party faithfull Fulani slaves mostly from the South West, to kick him out, and till date they have let his financial misdeeds hang over his head like  the sword of democles.He is silenced to rest and enjoy his loots in peace.
It was under Oshiomole as APC chairman that the rage against Rochas begun

It was under him that they issued an order asking all Southerners to submit their guns. The people  that submitted their guns like Nasarawa, Kogi, and Benue citizens are today like sheeps before the well armed , well protected and defended Fulani herdsmen.

Buhari is the life Patron of Miyetti Allah, and Miyetti Allah gave birth to Bandits,  who kidnap , and raise funds from Ransome paid to sustain Bokoharam.The armed Herdsmen are the foot soldiers of Miyetti  Allah. Miyetti Allah dictates to the Five South Eastern Governors what to do. Miyetti  Allah single handedly chose and foisted Ambassador George Obiozor over Ohaneze. Chief Obiozor is a good man, but Fulanis will deal mercilessly with him, the day he returns  to be himself again. Like Hope Uzordinma,  no good Igbo man should blame him, or take his views to heart. 

I was young , now Iam old, a Lawyer, a Pastor and fairly widely traveled too. When a Fulani Man tells you “good morning”, you should check your time and the day before you respond. If a snake and a Fulani Man enter your house, first take out or Get rid of the Fulani Man from your house even when he entered as a friendly visitor because, If you leave him and start chasing  the snake, the Fulani Man will kill you, then kill the snake and take over you house shouting Allah  har Kubar, what ever that means!!
It is for this reason, that Igbos who gave up their guns must quickly acquire new ones even if locally made ones.

When you have a gun you make the work of ESN easier, by killing any Cows found destroying your farms, then ESN may take care of the humans involved if necesaary.The Governor will repay them for the Cows, but dont ever eat the Fulani Cow meat, for  it is an accursed  thing in Igbo land. We cursed the Fulani Cow when they invaded Ukpabi Nimbo , Enugu State in 2014. I have not touched the Fulani Cow meat,since that day because I know God answered those Prayers.

How can you eat a cow meat that they either cursed themselves, or made love to depositing demonic and demonized semens inside them? Are you crazy? Don’t you see the foolishness and wickedness of the Cow in your Governors’ ways? Are they normal? How can a Governor be running after native doctors and herbalists if not for the Cow Curse ? Do Fulanis chase after their mallams? 
Their wives are even encouraged to use charms to hold the attention of the Husband. Can’t you see that something is wrong with your Governors ?
Please avoid Fulani Cow meat at all cost, it will be a sacrifice that will go to God as a memorial for you and your generations.

When you have a gun, you can defend yourself and your family from abuse by local and imported Fulani Agents, be they in mufti, or uniformed.The constitution allows self defense and that is why Fulani herdsmen carry guns for their self defense. It is their right, claim yours now, or perish!

Any Church GO that tells you not to own your own gun for self defense is not of God. He is at best, a Ballam of your time. Say Amen to him, and go straight to find your gun, for self defense.The Bible declares in Ecclesiastes 3, that “there is a time  to kill and a time to heal; A time to break down and a time  to build up;….. A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.” Ndigbo,  this is our time to kill in self defense, our time to break down the evil powers  of Islam and their agents in the land, and our time not to embrace even a brother who works with for or supports the enemy Fulani Leaders of Nigeria in what ever capacity or way at all.

Chapter 7 tells us  that ” Wisdom is a defense as money is a defense, But the excellence of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to those who have it.” Ndigbo use your money to own a gun for self defense, that is wisdom, so as not to cry after you are killed. Your enemy the Fulani terrorists under Buhari has set their faces like the flint to kill you; Pray to God like never before, Plan quickly and swiftly; God shall give you the wisdom and courage to fight back in self defence, if you have to.

Simple hand pistol for self defence.