*Prince William slammed for censuring racism on one hand, while treating Meghan Markle the same way

Prince William has been in the eye of storm ever since he issued a statement condemning the racist behaviour the players of England football team faced, following the Euro 2020 finale.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Meghan.

The Duke of Cambridge is being slammed for having double standards, with censuring racism on one hand, while treating Meghan Markle the same way.

Reacting to William’s post, one Sussex fan fumed, “Now one for your sister-in-law. We’ll wait…”

Another one blasted, “We’re waiting for a similar statement about the racial abuse against your sister-in-law and nephew. Thanks in advance.”

Reacting to the matter, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said, “The hideous spectre of racism on social media has reared its head on social media after England’s defeat by Italy in the final of Euro 2020, which devastated the nation.

“As President of the Football Association, William has forcibly condemned the racist abuse that members of the team have been subjected to online.

“The Prince of Wales, in tweeting his support for England’s team, has included part of the message he gave on Windrush Day last year which recognised the special contribution of diverse cultures to British society.”

He went on, “Cynics might say that, having been accused by Harry and Meghan on Oprah of containing elements which they perceived were racist, members of the Royal Family would be keen to make these statements.

“Yet the premier example of multiculturalism in the world is the Queen’s nurturing of the Commonwealth.