Uhuru Kenyatta shaking hands with his supporters at the ICC

Most people are not knowledgeable and historically grounded on the atrocious acts, Killings and Mayhem effectuated by Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and why Nigeria found his Government befitting in executing the kidnap of IPOB Leader citizen Nnamdi Kanu.
This exposition will revisit the atrocious ethnic cleansing carried out by Kenya President against Kenyans, which was filed before the International Criminal Court and further expose Friendship sourced from blatant ethnic marginalisation practiced by the Two countries.

Both Kenya and her Nigeria ally, were colonised by Britain, before the declaration of their presumed Independence, thus Britain remains their Colonial master.
As Southerners protest against marginalisation in Nigeria, the Luos and other ethnic groups regarded as second class citizens lament repeatedly in Kenya.

The Ethnic Marginalisation In Kenya

The Country Kenya is multiethnic, with over seventy ethnic groups, which include, Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin to mention but a few, but since declaration of Independence the KIKUYU(President Kenyatta region) and Kalenji People who claim to be more populous dominated other ethnic groups, just like the Northern region in Nigeria.
They rigidly held unto Power, dominated every paramount political office, Control resources emanating from other regions, subjugate Lous ethnic group and other regions to second class citizens through ethnic violence.

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Kenyatta’s MUNGIKI TERRORIST Personal Gang And His ICC Case

President Kenyatta a Kikuyun is the founder of an ethnic MUNGIKI TERRORIST SECT called “KIKUYU GANG” just like Northern Bokoharam, to terrorise his perceived rivals.
In 2007 President Kenyatta (a close political ally of President Mwai Kibaki) masterminded the Massacre, Rape, Arson and Ambush of Non-Kikuyu people, during the Presidential race election violence, through his sponsored Mungiki Terrorist sect.
Did I just hit your memory, on emergence of Bokoharam from the North against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?
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Over 1500 death toll was recorded, bodies of non-kikiyu found in slums, which birthed the International Criminal Court indictment for the crimes, against Uhuru Kenyatta.
But after the assassination of principal Witnesses in the case, Threats to withdraw testimonies, Bulwark on evidential records in custody of the Government, President Kenyattas defending counsels demanded the case be dropped by the prosecution.
In furtherance, some Africa dictators also lobbied for the case to be halted, racially accusing the International Criminal Court for investigating Crimes committed by only Africans, this compelled the prosecution and affected deprived families to drop out of the case in 2014.

Kenya’s Denial On Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s Kidnap

Kidnapping, Massacres and Abominated crimes have been perpetually carried out by President Kenyatta, through his terrorist gang and The International Criminal Court is in custody of records containing his crime against humanity.
President Kenyatta personal bandits, does the dirty job of Abductions, Brutalization, Evidence blockade and Press statement of denial(Mr Wilfred Machage, Kenyan High commissioner to Nigeria’s denial, is a typical example).
Citizen Nnamdi Kanu was abducted at Nairobi Airport by the Presidents gang on uniform, Tortured and Chained to the ground for eight days, tranquilized and handed over to her Nigeria ally, who offered the placed bounty for the human right violating job.

IPOB Leader has reiterated from Dss custody that, President Kenyatta’s Government colluded with Nigeria on his felonious rendition, Britain also indicted him when Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s British Passport was found in Kenya.
The abduction and torture of IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu a British citizen, is a felonious misdeed against International Law and Order.
The gross infringement on citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s right, will be the end of atrocious Torts carried out by President Kenyatta.
With the crime records of President Uhuru Kenyatta, The International Criminal Court will have to revisit the ethnic massacre case and dig out evidences withheld by Kenya Government needed to prosecute him, except ICC is complacent to heinous crimes in Africa.
IPOB Legal Team are apparently fervent, in licitly exposing Uhuru Kenyatta’s human right violation against citizen Nnamdi Kanu and this time, her Nigeria ally will share same inglorious and undignified fate.

Ibeh Gift Amarachi writes from Lagos.