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Apostle Arome Osayi on Prophetic Vision about Nigeria by Clement Udegbe

Prophetic Vision I saw concerning Nigeria by

Apostle Arome Osayi.

I am convinced that this Man of God heard and saw clearly from the throne of God in the heaven of heavens.

He gave this prophecy over 8 months ago, when many of the mega churches Pastors and General Overseers were still visiting El- Rufai and Ask Rock, and Sokoto praying for Fulanization Agents in Nigeria. Excessive desire for wealth and carnal acquisitions by the Church in Nigeria from the South West to the South East is accountable for success of the well choreographed economic oppression of the Nigerian economy in favor of the North and Fulanis, which is now crumbling speedily.

I chose this video because it was the realization of this trend under GEJ in 2013, that made me abandon the Nigerian Project to seek another Nation called Biafra. And as Oduduwa came up, I had no difficulty agreeing with that cause, because it is the only permanent solution to the wicked divide and rule games and manipulations by the Fulani North. The understanding of the bond of love and fairness between the Yorubas and Igbos will resolve the impossible challenges Nigerian Project has posed, so far.

I cannot be part of a Nation that hates my tribe and my own people so deeply and pathologically. Fulanis despise all Non- Muslims openly since 2015. May we look for them soon and fail to find them near our dwellings and affairs.

Thus, my way is the way of Prayer drawn from this Holy prophetic release that was brought to my attention a few hours ago by my good wife.

The happenings and killings by Nigerian Military in Ladipo Market last week reinforces my firm belief that God will answer me and those who will say these prayers along speedily.

Nigerian Soldiers went into that market and shot and killed over 4 persons wounding several others over a dispute concerning a Spare Part valued at less than N5000.( $ 10.42 ). This is their reason why these family heads were killed.

May those that pulled those triggers that killed our brothers never hear the cry of Male Children in the homes and families for 100 years.

When their grand children are asked, let it be said that hatred for Ndigbo drove their fore fathers to kill peace loving Igbo men at Ladipo Market in Mushin Lagos in June 2021 and God punished them to their 4th Generations. Let their prayers against this pronouncement bring more curses to them all.

Now, here are the prayer points by every Igbo trader, Business man, sons and daughters of Biafra and Oduduwa nations :

  1. Let God arise and let every enemy of God of Israel in the nation of Nigeria be scattered instantly by fire and thunder.
  2. Let all Locust Spirits released upon the land of Biafra and Oduduwa be cast away and blown out of the lands of Ndigbo and Yorubas.
  3. Every Foreign Exchange distribution designed to frustrate Igbo and Yoruba enterprise be frustrated and let the designers be uprooted forcefully and suddenly.
  4. Since they want systemic poverty and hunger for Igbos and Yorubas, they love poverty , let it encapsulate them and their generations to come.
  5. Oh Lord, let every secret in Aso Rock and for Ask Rock be exposed to all and them be dismayed.
  6. Let Britain and America be turned to Release Biafra and Oduduwa let them have no peace till Biafra is released to go from Nigeria
  7. Every Prophecy of wickedness against Ndigbo be destroyed to fall flat without any effect.
  8. All monopolistic plans by Fulanis for Fulanis to the disadvantages of the Common Igbo and Yoruba Man be destroyed and uprooted by the forces of Heaven.
  9. Let the Spirit of the Assyrian and Philistine unleashed against Ndigbo and Biafra and Yorubas and Oduduwa be rooted out and cast away from the lands of the peoples.
  10. All satanic plans to sift Ndigbo in Nigeria be destroyed and scattered from inception.

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