They say hindsight is 20/20; meaning, that after an event has happened, we feel that we should have been able to see the signs of an event unfolding, but for some reason, we couldn’t, and it is now apparent to us after the fact.

Hindsight also does not do anything to protect us from dangerous events that we need to know about before they happen.  What if complex future events were told to us by Jesus Christ himself as a warning and comfort to us so we know what to expect? We would then have NO EXCUSE and say we “didn’t know” as these events would be unfolding before our eyes precisely as Christ told us they would. But, would you listen and take heed? God loves His children and expects us to understand what he wrote as his message is not hidden but laid out for all to read.

The Foundation for the “Mark of the Beast” is already here!     
There are two keywords in the phrase, and they are “Mark” and “Beast.”  Through studying the scriptures (cover to cover), you’ll uncover the precise meanings God has assigned to these terms. “Mark” refers to sin, and “Beast” refers to an empire or world government.
Therefore accepting the “Mark of the Beast” literally means to live in the sinful world driven by your own desires under the government which is contrary to God’s commandments.     

World governments have already started to redefine morality by declaring scriptural teachings as “hate speech,” and all the large tech platforms have started censoring conservative and Christian content since they do not follow what the governments nor people wish. Most people, including those calling themselves Christians, blindly follow what they are told and don’t even know what it means to follow Christ.
The majority of Christians have already freely accepted the “mark of the beast” by living a cosmopolitan lifestyle even before the antichrist comes and forces those remaining true Christians to accept it or die.     

Please understand me: There will come a day when the antichrist will arrive on the scene and declare that anyone who does not accept his “Mark” will not be able to buy or sell and Christians know that if they accept his “Mark” they will not go to Heaven (Rev 19:20). 
 Before the antichrist can enforce such a worldwide implementation of his mark, that foundation has to have already been laid and functional. All he adds to that foundation is to demand your total allegiance and denounce Jesus Christ as a requirement to receive his mark.

This write up is not about the final implementation of the antichrist’s mark but what is currently happening worldwide and how the governments are setting up the foundation for that mark at a neck-breaking pace.

Christ warned us, so we MUST pay attention:   
Jesus provided John His revelation telling us what is coming in our immediate future (because it has already started). 
We do not currently know for certain what this final antichrist mark will be when it comes but Jesus has told us that anyone that does not accept the mark will not be able to “buy or sell” (Rev 13:16-17).  

If you can’t buy or sell then you are cut-off from your money, your job, source of food and water, and cast out of your home (unable to pay your rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.) and most likely die of starvation.      
If you were a logical, intelligent person, you would look for what Christ describes to know where we were in His timeline.
You would look for anything that we must “take” (or accept) in order to continue to buy and sell.
 If something was being strongly coerced upon us by the governments and if we didn’t take it, we would not be able to make money and live in this society, then we would know that this is what Christ was talking about as Christ made this the KEY point to John.    

  I am not stepping out on a limb in the least to let you know categorically that the governments of the world are using COVID as a reason to force everyone on earth, sooner than later, to take the mRNA based “vaccines” and “boosters” and this provides them the foundation for the mark of the beast that the spirit of the antichrist will use to set up the necessary control system for the actual antichrist.    

  In the news, nearly every day now, we see that businesses, schools, and even governments are stating that anyone who doesn’t take the vaccine will have restrictions placed upon them.
These restrictions include expulsion from higher education, travel restrictions, gathering rules, and employment restrictions. Many universities and businesses are now forcing students and employees to take the vaccine or be expelled or terminated.

The United Kingdom and France have suggested that those that don’t take the vaccine should not be able to “buy or sell” (Rev 13:17).     
In the United States, President Biden has requested that the Pentagon to look into adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the military’s mandatory shots. There are now many large employers that are requiring the vaccine and those that refuse will be terminated.

Over 500 Universities and colleges already require the vaccine for students to receive higher education. The United States, through the drug companies, is now considering the use of the vaccine on everyone as young as 6 months old. 

The use of media and fear tactics and losing their freedoms is their primary means to get the citizens to take the shot.     

On September 2nd, 2021, the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, stated that Italy might eventually make the vaccines mandatory for EVERYONE of eligible age. Italy has also already forced many jobs categories to take the vaccine or they “will not get paid”.  Does that ring a bell? 
This should tell everyone that we are indeed in the last days as Christ warned us about.
We need to pay closer attention to what Christ is telling us is coming so we can be prepared.

Don’t worry if you take the vaccine – it is not the antichrist’s “mark”:    

The final mark that the antichrist will require that you give your absolute allegiance to the “beast” (or government) above God Himself in order to accept it. 

You will, in fact, disown God and, as a result, blaspheme the Holy Spirit, which is the only unforgivable sin (Mark 3:29).   The mark that condemns you is not something that you can accidentally take or have forced upon you.

The most dangerous belief is that many people who identify themselves as “Christian” is that they can live their life any way they desire and still go to heaven.
This is simply not the case and that would be identical to already accepting the “mark of the beast” as they are living for themselves in the world (see above).     

The foundation is being laid and over 5.4 billion of the 7.9 billion people on earth have taken the vaccine in less than a year.

This is nothing less than altering the genetic makeup of each person on the planet to incorporate a single mRNA pattern within every person on the planet (Rom 1:23).

There may be other reasons why the governments are pushing the injection of this mRNA code on everyone with threats of being cast out of education, your job, gatherings, and travel if you do not comply; but the fact that they are now saying “will not get paid” or “can not buy or sell,” is exactly what Christ said would happen so we know where we are in God’s timeline. The ending sequence has started.

As the End-Times are Unfolding, Are you preparing?    

 We are told in the scriptures, and specifically in the end times, that we are to put on the full armor of God(Eph 6:10-18). 

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