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Biden snubs Buhari in first calls to Africa 

The sidestepping of Nigeria is seen as reflective of the country’s declining global appeal. U.S. President Joe Biden made his first call to an African leader last week, apparently choosing not to speak to Nigeria’s President Buhari, an omission experts say reflects not only America’s…


Zamfara governor says he would resign if….. 

Bello Matawalle, the governor of Zamfara state, has said he is willing to resign if such action will bring a lasting solution to the high level of insecurity in his state. The governor said this on Wednesday evening, March 3, when he appeared as a…


Man must be man for im land. By Tochukwu Ezukanma 

“Over the years, the Buhari administration worsened the problems of Nigeria. It visited increased extreme poverty on Nigerians. It worsened the state of insecurity and brought about an alarming debasement of human lives by pandering to banditry and Fulani terrorism”. In one of her gossipy…

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New study reveals why Convid -19 damages the heart 

A new study has discovered how the SARS-CoV-2 virus attacks and damages the heart, answering a long-standing question about mysterious heart conditions following COVID-19 infection. The results could have large implications on how to effectively treat severe infections and develop new therapies for preventing long-term…

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