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China’s Zhurong rover makes history with Mars landing 

By AFP China’s Zhurong rover touched down on Mars early Saturday, state media reported, a triumph for Beijing’s increasingly bold space ambitions and a history-making feat for a nation on its first-ever Martian mission. The lander carrying Zhurong completed the treacherous descent through the Martian…

Opinion, Politics

The Political Power Ploys, by Livy-Elcon Emereonye. 

” Idiocy becomes the norm when idiots are in power, and they can engage into rampant, irrational destruction; destroying what they are meant to preserve and protect. But the folly of such destruction is that they end up destroying themselves by indirectly empowering their opponents and…

Law & Justice, World

Uti Possidetis juris: the Nigeria case. 

We at the Plebisciteworld bring this to you. Uti Possidetis juris is already ratified as law by the International Court of Justice. The implications simply put are: If you are involved in a conflict of any kind, whoever emerges the winner is the owner of…

Faith, World

Pope Francis Faces Another German Reformation 

By Ross Douthat Opinion Columnist New York Times. For most of the Pope Francis era, the pope himself was the most turbulent figure in Roman Catholicism: dropping rhetorical bombshells, making unexpected gestures and appointments and using his power and influence to reopen debates his predecessors closed….


Nnamdi Kanu slams reports of imminent IPOB attack in Lagos 

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, has refuted claims that the organisation is planning to attack various points within the Lagos metropolis. Kanu issued this disclaimer via his Twitter handle on Monday. According to him, some state actors are trying…

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