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Category: Business


Top Nigerian Bank Sued for Blocking Protest-Linked Accounts 

Company says lender unilaterally restricted its account A test of banks’ power to freeze accounts without court order Access Bank Plc, Nigeria’s biggest lender, is accused of illegally blocking an account used to promote media coverage of protests against police brutality that recently swept Africa’s…


$5bn required for National Broadband Plan 

Malam Ubale Maska, Chairman, Broadband Implementation Steering Committee (BISC), says about 5 billion dollars was required for the implementation of the Nigerian National Broadband Plan (NNBP) 2020-2025. Maska, represented by Dr. Usman Abdullahi, stated this at the maiden Stakeholders Consultation meeting with Industry Players on…

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Dirty Cars from exports 

FEATURES (Environment) Climate change: ‘Dangerous and dirty’ used cars sold to Africa Millions of highly polluting used cars from rich countries are being “dumped” on developing nations, according to a UN report.Between 2015 and 2018, some 14 million older, poor quality vehicles were exported from…


Nigeria Pays Oil Majors $3 Billion for Past Operational Dues 

 Debt of $2.3 billion to Exxon Mobil has been fully paid: NNPC  Nation still owes a total of $1.7 billion to the oil majors  2:02Nigeria Pays Oil Majors $3 Billion for Past Operational Dues . According to Report from Bloomberg,Nigeria reimbursed oil companies including Exxon Mobil…


Nigeria wastes N654B ! 

If IPOB Is Not Powerful And Strategic, Why The Approval Of 654Bn To Stop Radio Biafra? Only a Fruitful tree gets constant Stone throws and hit from Sticks.Someone quoted; “People with Momentum all share a trait, of constant attraction of criticism” and a translated Igbo…

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Chuk Feeney, who Gave away his multi Billion Dollars. 

He went from multibillionaire to relatively broke and living in a small apartment — just like he plannedPublished: Sept. 16,By Shawn Langlois “Chuck FeeneyChuck Feeney, Atlantic Philanthropies ‘I believe strongly in giving while living. I see little reason to delay giving when so much good…

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