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Category: Environment

Environment, World

Almost All of The World’s Coal Is Now ‘Unextractable’, Scientists Warn 

According to Nature;The vast majority of the world’s fossil fuels are effectively “unextractable” and must remain in the ground if we want even half a chance at meeting our climate goals, according to a new study. For nations like Indonesia and Australia, the world’s leading exporters…

Environment, World

Earthquake in Haiti leaves About 227 dead 

BY LEXI LONAS At least 200 people are dead in Haiti after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the country on Saturday. Haiti’s Office of Civil Protection said search and rescue teams will be sent out, with at least 227 people confirmed dead from the earthquake,…

Environment, Health

The City of Waste by Livy-Elcon Emereonye 

The city of waste. ” There is a need for an urgent and intensive waste management education that should be carried out in both the rural and urban areas using every available means of communication to inform the people of the need for proper waste…


Nigeria: Hazards of Plastics Litter 

This Day (Lagos)EDITORIAL It’s time to control the reckless use of plastic materials Scientists have raised global concern that plastics pose unimaginable danger to humanity and may reach crisis levels unless deliberate actions are taken to reverse the trend. The warning is particularly important for…

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