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Category: Opinion


The New VAT Combat Is A Protest. By Eric Teniola 

“For some time now, we have been debating on how to share the bread, (FIRS collected 1.53trillion naira on VAT alone last year), no one is talking about how to bake the bread. If we are not careful, very soon, there will not be any…


Why do States Fail? By Obadiah Mailafia 

“When electoral outcomes are clearly a violation of the fundamental political and civic rights of the populace, it would not be long before some aggrieved people takeup arms and pitch their tent against the state. Democratic collapse can emerge gradually or as a big-bang through…

Opinion, World

The real reason France was excluded from Aukus 

By John Keiger The fallout from Australia’s cancellation of its submarine contract with France and the new trilateral Indo-Pacific security pact between Australia, the US and the UK continues. France has recalled its ambassadors from Canberra and Washington (though significantly not from London) for ‘immediate…


North’s Recce And Lesson From A Madman. By Suyi Ayodele 

“Rather than “pacifying” South West or any other region to swallow the bitter pills Buhari is ramming down their throats, Buni and his gang should learn a lesson from the wisdom of the madman. The “affection” of any region to the Buhari administration will be…

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