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Category: Opinion


On Femi Fani-Kayode. By Valentine Obienyem 

“Femi’s volte-face pains me particularly because he gives uninspiring example to the younger ones thereby jeopardising his future that is otherwise bright. If other Nigerians feel disappointed, as is clearly the case, you are now left to imagine what his immediate constituency – the bar…

Law & Justice, Opinion, World

Welcome to the New Face of Sex Trafficking 

By Beth Bruno -October 25, 2020 We are sipping coffee near the courthouse. I’ve just witnessed a man plead guilty to a felony charge: trafficking a minor. Everything fits the televised version—the orange jumpsuits, bailiff-guarded doors, hands cuffed to waist. What does not fit is the dull, monotonous tone…

Africa, Opinion

Guinea: Africa is still wedded to coups. By Owei Lakemfa 

“In almost all cases, running from a dictatorial President into the embrace of a neo-colonial dictatorial institution like the army, is like running from a snake into the embrace of an hungry lion”. THE so-called special forces in Guinea established to fight terrorism and piracy,…

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