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Category: Opinion

Faith, Opinion

Choosing My Religion 

New York Times tech reporter Nellie Bowles on unchosen obligations, converting to Judaism, and the importance of tradition in American life   The Exodus is justly celebrated as the earliest triumph for freedom in human history. But as everyone from the American founders, to Frederick Douglass,…


Sketching Nigeria’s tomorrow with JAMB. By Owei Lakemfa. 

“There are, however, salutary trends in the JAMB Report, including its putting counter-measures in place to check the negative trends in the examination and admission of students, and asking institutions to admit all blind candidates that meet the minimum requirements for admission.” The Joint Admissions…


The truth walks on crutches of lies. By Owei Lakemfa 

“How do we recognise the truth when it has undergone serious battery requiring many plastic surgeries and face lift? Perhaps the truth is whatever pisses you off. This may be the reason the American journalist and feminist, Gloria Steinem made the famous variant: “The truth…

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