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Category: Opinion

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Sad Return to Broken Chains. By Eric Teniola 

“I am worried by the rising Nigeria’s debt profile because debt is the principal cause of poverty, leading to human suffering and misery and hampering economic development. This is not what we should handover to our children and grandchildren”. In June 2005 we were so…


The Imperative of Restructuring Nigeria. By John Nnia Nwodo 

Why Should We Restructure? a. We should restructure because the constitutional history of Nigeria shows that the only constitutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria made by all the ethnic groups in Nigeria were the 1960 and 1963 Constitutions. In 1954, the Lyttleton Constitution made…


Biden and the Kicks of A Dying Horse. By Owei Lakemfa 

“These acts may not tie the hands of Biden, as he seems determined to reverse Trumpian policies and acts. In his first day in office, he signed 15 Executive Orders and two agency actions as the first steps of returning America to pre-Trump normalcy. On…

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